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THE POPE’S STONE is a fascinating, suspenseful story for young adults that follows the lives of  Nathaniel and Nicholas, descendants of the Barrington family of Virginia. As they grow from teenagers to young adults, each one keeps detailed journals which eventually reveal parallel lives; lives that are mirrored by similar events and experiences, similar relationships and consequences.  The two young men, however, lived a century apart. The only connections between them are their shared heritage, their journals…and the Pope’s Stone!

In 1854, Pope Pius IX gifted to America an engraved piece of marble.  It was to be embedded within the walls of the Washington Monument, then under construction.  Instead, the stone was stolen, smashed and thrown into the Potomac River.  It was never to be seen again, except for one small, secret fragment.  Learn about its fateful legacy in THE POPE’S STONE, a new historical novel by author Marc Kuhn.

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